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News; we have news!

As reported in Locus, Baen Books has given me the green light to write the sequels to Carousel Tides, tentatively titled Carousel Sun, and Carousel Seas.  The manuscripts are due in early and mid 2013, respectively.  Publication dates rest on the knees of the publisher, but I'm assuming mid-2014.

I'll be working on-site in Old Orchard Beach during the month of September.  I'm toying  with the idea of keeping  a diary of that month here on the website, if there's interest.

So, that's the big news.  Thank you all for your support and your interest!


Sharon Lee



4 Responses to “News; we have news!”

  • Jessica:


    This is super great news! I am looking forward to Carousel Sun and Carousel Seas. I really enjoy Carousel Tides. I hope 2014 arrives soon so that I'll get to read the sequels!

  • Mike Barker:

    Of course there's interest! Have you ever known us NOT to be interested! A month in Old Orchard Beach, as seen through the eyes of the author? Sweet!

  • Marie Huwe:

    I am so excited you are writing these sequels. have re-read carousel tides several times. really love it.

  • Kagama:

    Great! Carousel tides is one of my favorite books. 🙂

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