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So, yesterday, I walked down to Fun Country, known locally as Palace Playland, only to find that the arcade is open Friday/Saturday/Sunday for the next few weeks, but that the amusement park... closed for the winter.

That was a disappointment, but not particularly a set-back, since I have maps and pictures from previous visits.  And, yanno, all was not lost, since I got to spend some quality time with my grandmother:


Grandma reads the cards! Get yours today!


...more pictures going up at whim here


3 Responses to “Well…spit”

  • Robert Parks:

    Some small park managers/owners can be remarkably friendly if approached...for many it is a labor of love.

  • I've been in parks that have been in the same family/with the same people for years. It's where the initial idea of a carousel that had been in the care of one family for a century came from. But...

    This park is not that park. I've tried any number of times to get Management to talk to me. I honestly don't know why the amusement park is still here, and live in dread of the day that the Big Boss in Jersey, I do think it is, decides to sell the site for condos.

  • Robert Parks:

    Oh, that's sad.

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