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In which I talk about Carousel Sun

. . .on the Baen Free Radio Hour.

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2 Responses to “In which I talk about Carousel Sun”

  • Dana:

    Hi! Loved Carousel Tides. Will Carousel Sun be coming out in audiobook format? If so, when?

    Thanks for all your hard work and wonderful writing!


  • information at this point must be considered Out of Date. What I was told, back a few months ago, was that there had been an Administrative Problem somewhere between Baen and Audible, which resulted in Audible failing to acquire the audio rights to Sun. At that point, the editor at Audible was going to forthwithly acquire the rights, and assured me that there would be an audiobook, though it would not be released at the same time as the paper book.

    I haven't heard anything else.

    I'm thinking at this point that the best thing for folks who are interested in the audiobook edition of Carousel Sun to do is to query Audible directly.

    Thanks for reading!

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