Cast of Characters

Kate Archer — last of the Archer family, who used to be big news in Archers Beach, Maine.  Small, with dark hair and green eyes, and an attitude much larger than she is, Kate worked in the dot.coms ’til they blew up.  Her wardrobe consists almost exclusively of blue jeans and freebie t-shirts from trade fairs.  She was raised by her grandmother —

Bonny Pepperidge — aka “Gran.” Gran runs the Chance Menagerie Carousel at Fun Country in Archers Beach and has done so for more years than you or I care to count.  In addition to Kate and a host of odd friends, she has a beau. . .

Mr. Ignatious — In Maine-speak, that’s “Mr. Ignat'”.  An elderly gentleman, sweet-tempered and more than a little foolish.  He owns and operates Keltic Knot in Fun Country.

Andre Borgan — Fishes Mary Vois’ boat for her, since the sea took Hum, her husband.

Nancy Vois — Mary’s daughter; an able mechanic who’s worked for Bonnie in years past, getting the carousel ready for summer.