“Will-o’-the-wisp,” by Sharon Lee, the second Archers Beach story of January (this one actually set in Archers Beach), is now up and eager to be read, right here.

In case you missed the first Archers Beach story of January, which is actually set in the Land of the Flowers, it’s right here.

Next thing on my plate today is!

Revising a story, this one destined for the Alien Artifacts anthology.

Wait, you didn’t know about the Alien Artifacts Anthology?  Lucky for you — there’s still time to get on board.  Here’s your info linkAnd here’s your ordering link.

New Archers Beach ebook now available

The Gift of Magic, which collects in one place and under one cover, two Archers Beach stories previously published at Baen.com, is now available through the Nook and Kindle stores.  A Smashwords edition will not be forthcoming.

Magic includes “The Gift of Music,” and “The night don’t seem so lonely,” and is dignified as “Archers Beach Book Five.”

For those who may be confused by this, here are the Archers Beach titles, in order:

Archers Beach ONE: Carousel Tides
Archers Beach TWO: Carousel Sun
Archers Beach THREE: Carousel Seas
Archers Beach FOUR: Surfside
Archers Beach FIVE: The Gift of Magic


Archers Beach, now and then

Frequent auditors of these pages will recall that Archers Beach is not-so-loosely based on a real Maine beach town:  Old Orchard Beach.  Those readers may have also perused the Archers Beach Photo Diary.

The trouble with the diary is that it shows pre-Season, and Season, and after-Season, but it doesn’t show the town, or the beach, in the winter.

The Portland Press Herald has just corrected that oversight for us.

Go here to see the beach in the winter.

Carousel Seas eBook and Audio News!

The Kindle edition of Carousel Seas is now available for download from Amazon.

Here’s your link.

Those who prefer to download their ebooks directly from Baen, may do so from this link.


The Audible edition of Carousel Seas is now available for pre-order from this link.

For those who pre-ordered signed copies of Carousel Seas from Uncle Hugo, I am awaiting delivery of the books from the warehouse.  As soon as they arrive, I will — as quickly as I can manage — sign those 100 books and send them on to the Uncle.

Thank you for your patience.


This just in!

The proofs for Carousel Seas, the Thrilling Conclusion to the Archers Beach Carousel Trilogy by Sharon Lee, that started with Carousel Tides, and continued in Carousel Sun, just landed in my inbox!

What this means to you — yes, you! — is that the eARC of this long-awaited novel should be available for purchase on the Baen site realsoonnow.

You know what to do, I think?


I’ll be over here, finishing a short story.