Places of Interest

Kate’s house is on Dube Street, the last house on the street, facing the ocean over the sand.

At the bottom of Dube Street is Bob’s Diner.

The land at Heath Hill has been in the Pepperidge family for a long, long time.

The World Famous Archers Beach Pier is a precarious wooden structure that extends about 500 feet out into the ocean.  It’s lined with gift shops, fast food counters, and bars.  At the end of the Pier is Neptune’s Retreat, a bar and dance club, the Sea Change Casino at its back.

Fun Country

Fun Country is the amusement park in Archers Beach.  It sits at the right side of Archer Avenue, where it dead-ends at the beach, and is directly across from the Archers Beach Pier.

Coming in from the Archer Avenue side, the first ride you’ll encounter inside the park what’s called Baxter Avenue is the Fantasy Menagerie Carousel, owned by Bonny Pepperidge and Kate Archer; Brand Carver’s Summer’s Wheel is to the carousel’s right, and just beyond that is Jelly Lee’s Oriental Funhouse.  Across from Summer’s Wheel is Tony Lee’s Chinese Kitchen, run by Tony and his wife, Anna.

Between the Oriental Funhouse and Dodge City is a wilderness of carnie games — duck-pick, lobster toss, a fortune teller, and a t-shirt shop.

Turn the corner at Dodge City, there’s more games to the right — squirt gun races, ring tosses, balloon darts, and the like — everyone’s a winner!

Bear left across the service alley, between the ticket booths, onto Katahdin Street.  There’s a log flume on the corner, then some kiddie rides — yachts, dancing teacups, frog  jump.  Go straight on, past Tom Thumb, the kiddie locomotive, and the race cars to the Galaxi rollercoaster at the very bottom of the park.  Go left, past the Scrambler, and the Whale’s Tail, until you’re almost back on the beach — there’s Mr. Ignat’s own Keltic Knot, right on the edge of the sand.