In which Rolanni forgets that it’s a new year

So, after breakfast, I walked into town to fetch home some bagels, and seeing as how I was out, I extended my walk over to Heath Street, where I found the AZ Market, an institution for 50 years, real world time, has closed.  This is a sad thing.  I liked the AZ Market; it had character.  It had fresh donuts.  It had weird wines that no one in Waterville is allowed to sell.

In Archers Beach, the AZ Market is Ahz’s Market and it’s run by Ahzan Dhar, aka Ahzie.  I just last night wrote a scene where Ahzie was present, so this morning’s revelation was a double shock.  One of the perils of writing mundane fiction set in the almost-real-world, I suppose.

Going a little further down that path…a while back, someone asked why St. Margaret’s Church wasn’t mentioned in Carousel Tides.  The answer to that, of course, is that Carousel Tides took place mostly within the amusement park, and the beach.  There was no mention of the church, because Kate hadn’t walked up the hill to look it and relate it to the readers.

Carousel Sun, now, opens up the setting, as Kate’s concerns expand with her continuing duties as Guardian, so readers will be seeing lots of things that were never mentioned in the first book.

Stories are, after all, as much about what the author chooses not to talk about, as they are about those things that she brings to the table for reader examination.  No story can tell everything, show everything, examine every character.  It’s all in the telling detail.

So, anyhow, after the shock to my system of finding AZ Market gone, I walked through Memorial Park, and Fountain Circle, paid my respects to the sea and came home.  As I was passing the synagogue (which I keep meaning to take a picture of), I saw three Rabbis in white and black robes on the porch.  Totally forgot it was the new year!  L’shana tova.

So now I’m back home, and have uploaded pictures here, and it’s time to get to work.


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